Practical Skills of a Lead DesignerTM

Learn hands-on methods that will help you to take a leading role in your UX career.

A professional development course

The online course is designed for an experienced UX or service designer.

The course will launch in autumn 2021

590 € (+ VAT)

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What you’ll learn

On this online course you will learn advanced skills that will widen your perspective from a designer to a leader who can effectively guide other designers in a team, and apply design methods to the creation of business and brand strategies.

After completing the course you have learned to use practical tools that help you to take action.

1. Introduction 
  • What are Lead Designers typical responsibilities?
  • How are these responsibilities reflected in every day work?
2. Powerful design leadership tools
  • A matrix that will enable you to have a discussion with your team members about reaching their professional goals.
  • Using coaching and design OKRs to help team members to reach their goals.
  • Tips for building psychological safety within the team, and giving inspiring design direction.
  • Setting up healthy rituals for the design team.
3. Giving input for project kick-off
  • How success metrics (KPIs) can be drawn from high-level business goals.
  • A framework for narrowing the project scope
4. Giving input for business strategy
  • How using service design methods can support in business strategy work.
  • A business design framework that helps you to experiment strategic hypothesis by using design methods.
  • How concrete product metrics can be drawn from high-level business goals.
5. Giving input for brand creation
  • How service design methods can be applied to the creation of a desirable brand.

Course format

Online videos, hands-on exercises and written personal feedback from an expert mentor

Author and mentor





“During my 17 year UX career I’ve gone through a long journey from UI design to UX, continuing to Service Design and Business Design, and finally leading a design team for a few years as a Lead Designer and Head of UX.

Some career steps were natural and easy, but some new roles with leadership and business design responsibilities required an extensive study and experimentation of different methods.

With this course, I want to make the journey easier for you. You will learn practical tools which I’ve found the most useful when moving forward from a UX designer’s role.

Currently I’m a freelance designer and I teach at UX Academy Finland.”

Juha-Antti Huusko
Course Author


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Good to know

  • Money back guaranteeThe course has a 30-days 100% money back guarantee.
  • Course certificateYou’ll get a digital certificate after completing the course.
  • Course softwareYou don’t need any software licenses. We’ll use Miro for exercices.

Practical skills of a Lead Designer will launch in autumn 2021